Sunrise at Lifupa Dam

By some measures Malawi is the poorest country in the world. The 2015 Human Development Index ranks it 173rd (out of 188). Despite advances in health and education sectors the country’s per capita GNI ($747) ranks higher than that of only the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Both these latter countries have suffered internal strife and violence in recent years.

It is a country with many areas of outstanding natural beauty and peaceable, friendly people who have earned it its description as the Warm Heart of Africa. In addition to their welcoming disposition its people are, in the main, hard-working and undeserving of the poverty that afflicts them.

Uncover Malawi seeks economic and social justice for all Malawians through:

Increasing awareness of the country and its potential

Showcasing its beautiful scenery, diverse culture and products

Bringing attention to its challenges and helping to promote solutions

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Malawi's history and people provide a colourful backdrop to modern day life. Learn about its vibrant music scene and the work of its craftsmen.

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Impala at Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Refuge


From World Heritage sites to National Parks and Wildlife Reserves to Lakeside Resorts and High Mountains, Malawi offers something for everyone to look at.

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Malawi's top export markets

By Numbers

How has Malawi progressed against the MDGs? Find significant information relating to Malawi's trade and economy, its education and health systems.

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Woman carrying firewood down Mt Mulanje


Daily life is a burden for many Malawians. Here are some of the challenges the country faces in improving the lot of its people.

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Blue Sky over Lake Kazuni

Get Involved!

Buy, Give, Volunteer. Help clear the clouds from Malawi's future.

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Passport stamps

Travel Info

Information to support your travel plans.

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